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Friday, December 09, 2011
finally i could cross out 'sedap rasa woodlands' from my list of things i want. went there on my own yesterday because i couldn't stand staying at home anymore. it sure was a therapy being on a long bus ride, with ears plugged with songs.
took 903 from the interchange & i sat next to this guy. he, just reached from batam, asked me for directions to blk 19, marsiling & i was like, saya tk pasti. as ashamed i was to say that, i felt helpless coz i was thinking why am i on a bus that is going to marsiling when i'm heading to woodlands?? anyway, i asked him to ask the driver instead. and so he alighted correctly.

my journey continued. i put my specs on for better vision (hehehe maciam olang tua lo). minutes passed and i was getting confident that i was heading the right direction because the bus past marsiling cc & masjid annur, just the way is should be as stated in the streetdirectory map i've taken photo of using my phone earlier at home. but i did get a little nervous as my thoughts ran wild...what if this bus goes into the woodlands checkpoint??
apapun, sampai jgk akhirnya:D seram pulak rasa seperti aku kt malaysia. mana tk, train checkpoint kt opposite je tempat yang aku nk tujui.

so i bought my crab beehoon. wanted to take a look around the checkpoint, maklumlah jakun. sesampai di sana, nmpk ofis beli tiket & sebelah tu ada escalator. afraid that it's a no turn-back escalator, i went home instead. hahaha....and so i embarked my journey back home!

macam fun gitu explore sorang2!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Saturday, November 05, 2011
'Hey hav a wonderful n safe trip!gonna miss ya!' -azizah 6.51pm 10/12/09

'Oh man thx dude.cant wait to hear abt it.i call u tmr?' -azizah 11.23pm 13/12/09

'kwn kau kt bas stop.hurry while stock lasts' -mira 6.38pm 13/1/10

'Hey babe!(: Suddenly miss having you As my table partner damn badly so here to say hi(: Miss you have fun in school today yea' -ju 10.08am 19/1/10

'Dalilaluuuu! Take care okay. Dont faint on ur way home! Have a gd rest tau (:' -ayu 8.46pm 2/3/10
this was after we took the jab at the clinic after school. i think it was my first close-enough-encounter of fainting. quite scary i must say...my face turned pale sia and i almost vomitted. must be because i didn't have a proper break-fast before getting the jab (tula degil kn...haha). yang kelakar nye, both of us felt the urge to buang air besar lepas tu...haha...macam-macam effects jab tu

'bas aru lpas.aku tk naik' -mira 6.47am 4/3/10
was on the verge of crying due to stress if i recall correctly. so i asked her to wait for me and go to sch together. thanks mira, really appreciate it(:

'guess what. the mrt bising then i potek tak nampak the sign. so then i agak2 turun. im at bugis. kene tunggu another train. dang!' -farah 11.34pm 27/3/10
haha farah! kekek la you

'Never feel shortchanged ok? Things happen for a reason. "On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear" - 2:286 and "Faint not nor grieve of you're indeed believers" - Al-Imran. Hope that helps. Goodnight dear :)' -kak ayun 11.35pm 24/4/10

'Hahaha.....tatz too bad..i found d class!! Im d first one here..late bt frst lol...' aisyah 7.50am 8/5/2010
we met at the bustop and we were fretting about being late.

'Awwww paiman! heehee^ ^ naiseeeeee. how's fasting coming along? When th fasting season started i alrdy think of you. Like how I used to try and fast with you(: but now cannot alrdy eh. Im a fat girl ): fasting is so tough must take care of yrself k' -ju 8.42pm 25/8/10
i miss those cedar times:(

'Eh, your kucing name bahrom right?(:' -nadzirah 2.21pm 10/1/11
super random la nadzirah! tkpe, i like! and hey, we're in the same school now:D

'Isit ok if I buy for you strawberry ice blend frm the bbt shop @ Elias when I visit you during your break at 5 today?' -nadia 9.28am 18/1/11
thank you nadia for visiting me a few times(:

'... Cgu pun ingat budget je Tak sangka dia begitu strict. But them again she is firm in her decision-making.' -cikgu 5.55pm 28/1/11
evident of the source of stress.

'Boleh.aku nk ubatkn kau dulu.' -mira 12.09pm 11/2/11
lol...mira's reply when i asked her something about wanting to become a practicing psychologist hahaa...but on a real note, i wanna see a counsellor, i really do.

'Don't get disheartened! Let's work harder tgt! :-)' -boon 4.23pm 12/10/11
we were consoling each other after getting back our disappointing results

'Hi sayang. Muacks muacks. Lawa you hari ni(: HEHEHE.' -nadzirah 11.23am 31/10/11
lol...gave me a shock sia. there i was stoning in the bus, then suddenly i received the sms from her. she now takes 151 to school also!

Saturday, October 29, 2011
encouraging smses for the show

-'Dimulakan dngan bismillah,disudhi dengan alhamdulillah!' -mira 1:06pm

-'I watched your perf today and I could actually see you a few times cos I was sitting on the left. :))) some parts of the dance were really scary though cos of the music and your expressions. But there were also a lot of really cool part like the part with the long white kain. Good job. :) now you can celebrate right hahahaha.' -lyana 10:41pm

haha you can say that...after the show, i followed kosong & bro to mustafa & then ate supper with his friends at that sup tulang place.

-'Hmm proud of u. At least some of our girls go suppoert kan...' -kak na 11:35pm

-'I'm so sorry i missed your performance last night. Haven't seen you in so long man. It feels long at least. Hope you're coping well. I'm left with another week to my pre As which is like my second prelims. So much to cover. But whatever it is we will meet up after i'm done with all this ok :)' -syed 2:41pm

Saturday, September 17, 2011
and i thought i could raya all out this year.
family: mum's busy with her gubahan.
friends: because we are in different schools now, somehow the most possible day to go out is after next week. but next week i'll be damn busy mugging for mid-term tests. and rehearsals.
there's jalan raya tomorrow but it clashes with the show.
and yes, the show. i'm quite stressed about tomorrow. because i can't recall some of the steps. damn, should've recorded them. and actually there was another item that i was supposed to learn also. but because i'm a slow-learner, i requested to be out of the item. i feel bad but please lor, i'm bad at memorising what more in a short period of time (in less than one training, can). they should've informed me earlier. i really thought i was performing only one item. furthermore, on that thursay, i was brain-drained to the max. had EL presentation earlier and there was math hw due the next day which i was stuck at question 2 (there were 10 questions) and it was already 9pm and school started 8am the next morning. one of them remarked casually something like 'ai budak uni belajar tinggi-tinggi pun tak leh hafal ni'. yes i know i suck at memorising.
sometimes, i do wonder how i end up in uni. i can't help but feel intimidated or to put it bluntly, stupid.
an ex-colleague asked if i want to work tomorrow since they require extra manpower for the event they're having. i'd really love to, because i miss my colleagues, but i have training! ugh. of course i can give training a miss but cikgu said there will be the orchestra coming.

SEE HOW STUFF KEEP CLASHING? frustrating much. reminds me of those gentarasa days (but at least there were no tests to worry about).

Saturday, August 20, 2011
there's a fuzzy and warm feeling inside everytime i see my secondary school classmates around the campus. it brings back fond memories...(:

on an unrelated note, i'm glad i went for the ms iftar yesterday!!! had a nice time catching up with my apollo mates;) and the food was good too! hehe

next up! got a date tonight with azizah and The One (:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

it feels quite surreal. like, me, in uni?
and i can't believe it - eight months of break just like *snap* that? on one hand, it seems like it's so long that my brain has turned rusty. on the other hand, it seems so short; i didn't manage to accomplish everything that i planned to do before A's.
who would have thought i'd work for six months straight. second week of december 2010 to end of may 2011(i still feel bad leaving them just like that). i miss my colleagues (but i certainly do not miss the work).

so far, for this year's ramadan, i've been breaking fast outside most of the time. let me see, i have a calendar in front of me here.
today's the 11th day of puasa. buka-ed at home only on 4 out of the 10 days. maklumlah, busy. cheydeybah haha. tapi kalau buka kt rumah pun, menyedihkan hati buat apa eh. haiz.

anywayz, berkat ramadan ni, moga-moga usaha aku untuk menimba ilmu dengan ikhlas dipermudahkan perjalanannya. amin.
*breathes in* bismillahirrahmanirrahim...